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Wow, I can’t believe it’s already June. This year has gone so fast!

At the beginning of the year it was still tricky visiting centres due to COVID restrictions. Fortunately now we have been able to access many more centres and it is so wonderful seeing our students and collaborating with their centres.

We feel this really supports the student in their learning journey and overall success in their course completion.

Did you know that we are nationwide and have visited many places such as Yass, Melbourne, Regional Victoria, and Brisbane? It’s our favourite part of the job, seeing our amazing students doing what they love.

Our trainer Ben has made a huge impact here at TLA and is an amazing trainer.

Between Jen and Ben they hold many short courses, with our Child Protection Refresher being the most popular. It is very insightful, informative and helps educators get a chance to share experiences and collaborate.

They are currently working on a couple more exciting courses to come, based on project-based learning and behaviour management.

All our short courses are written with all educators in mind, including trainees, room leaders and management. We want to make sure that all of the courses are engaging and easy to follow and understand. But most importantly, we want it to be purposeful to you as educators.

We have over 14 years’ experience and feel that there is a need to have professional development that makes a difference and can really influence our skills, practices, and reflection.

We are attending the Western Sydney Careers Expo in Homebush at the end of June. We hope to showcase our RTO and show off the future of Early Childhood Education and Care. This career is extremely rewarding and can lead to many different job roles and we can’t wait to discuss that with our youth.

As we are an RTO purely focussed on Early Childhood Education and Care, we are making the change to make the RPL process as easy as possible. We show our support to educators who work in the industry and have been in it for many years. We offer a free RPL assessment which is greatly beneficial before an educator starts their study journey.

Keeping up with industry

On that note, the new training package for Early Childhood Education and Care will be arriving very soon. This will have an impact in the sector, and they are making the current Certificate 3 CHC30113, a prerequisite for the Diploma.

We need to encourage educators to enrol now and complete skills gap training where needed. Therefore, RPL assessment is important.

Early Childhood Australia

“Spend a minute on the arts in early childhood. Be inspired by different artists and the techniques they use. Take some time to consider how music can be inspiring due to the way it shapes and stimulates brain development. Reflect on the arts, how it enables creative expression and how embedding arts pedagogy can support educators to engage in critical and reflective practice.”

We love this statement and it resonates with why we created our short course, “Exploring Creativity in Early Childhood”. There are many ways to showcase creativity, come and join us to learn more!

Update from the Office of the Children’s Guardian

To help child-related organisations create safer places, we will be following an escalation model of compliance and enforcement with a focus on capability building in organisations.

We have a new Compliance and Enforcement policy that makes it clear what is expected of organisations that work with children.  This year our focus is on ensuring child-related employers are:

  • registered as employers in the Working with Children Check system

  • verifying child-related workers’ Working with Children Checks


If you are not aware of this policy, please see their website and click on the link above for more details.

As always, keep well, stay safe and connected.
The TrueLearning Australia Team 
Inge, Jen, Ben and Sara