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The start of December is here. I am sure most of you are super busy preparing for the end of the year….so many jobs, portfolios, presents, reports, transitions, the list goes on.  We do not forget those crazy days haha.

We have been busy here over the past couple of months. Our short courses have been so popular, especially Child Protection. They are completed via zoom and led to many in depth and great discussions. I love sharing experiences and being personable with students and center's. Child Protection is a subject we feel should be taught in person to gain a deep understanding of a particularly important subject.

Over the holidays, I will be busy writing some great new short courses. I want to focus on communication with children and families and creativity in Early Childhood (product vs process).  They are a great team building option to hold one afternoon or even before a staff meeting. Get everyone collaborating and planning new ideas.

The draft for the new training package has been reviewed and they are hoping for the release by March 2020. Unfortunately, they have stipulated a prerequisite to complete the Diploma, students will have to have the current cert 3 (CHC30113) to be able to enrol into the Diploma.

As we are a purely Early Childhood Education focused RTO, we really feel for the educators that have been long time in the industry with an older certificate 3.Why should educators who have been on the job for years, must redo their Certificate 3 to be able to complete a Diploma? It makes no sense.

Majority of our Diploma students are long timers who feared the RPL process and doubted their study ability.

We made it our aim to strongly support those educators, making the transition back into study easy and even fun. Understanding the crucial role they play in centre’s today; we are with them 100% of the way.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is integrated within the Diploma Upgrade study, and not an extra huge external task to complete.

Our next intake for our Diploma Upgrade will be in January 2021. No better way to start off the New Year. Further information will be provided.

Covid hit us hard this year, we had to make up many new practices, but we have learnt and gained so much new information. The great news is we are now visiting students in center's again. It has been so wonderful meeting some of our students in person and seeing their amazingness on the job. It is the favourite part of our job.

Check out our website, download one of our information booklets or read one of our great articles. Our latest one is Celebrating Christmas, some great examples and ideas!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, see you in the New Year.

As always, keep well, stay safe and connected.

The TrueLearning Australia Team 

Inge, Jen and Sara


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