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March 15th 2021

What an amazing week I had in Victoria.

After a 14-hour journey by car from Sydney to Melbourne, I started my week of student workplace observations

and RPL assessment visits.

First Stop:  St Andrews Beach Kindergarten.

Two kind, caring and outgoing ladies, who have worked together for over 10 years, created a beautiful place

for children to learn, explore and grow.

My student Lisa demonstrated her competence and knowledge as an advanced Early Childhood Educator in so many wonderful ways through well thought out activities based on the children’s interests and ideas, beautiful group times and discussions and so forth.

 The children were so relaxed and engaged throughout the whole 5 hours I was there. Content and engaged children in a respectful environment are always signs for me of great educators who love to work with the children and enjoy their company. A beautiful day with a naturally perfectly suited educators/student.

Second Stop: Flinders Preschool (Beach Kindergarten)

My second day had a little ‘Twist’. This was a workplace observation visit and the morning was spent on the beach for “beach kindy”.

The tide was far out, and the children enjoyed climbing over the rocks, looking for treasures, learning about tides, creatures, life cycles, species and so forth.

 My student Lauren is an outstanding educator with a very evident love for the children, their safety and capturing their interest and furthering their curiosity. Lauren took many photos of all the interesting creatures for the children to look at and talk about. Halfway through the morning, just after the children were again reminded not to go into the water any deeper than below their knees, I slipped on a rock and fell into the water twisting my ankle. (A week later, currently in a moon boot as it was actually broken).

A little boy commented shocked: “oh no, we are not allowed in the water.” It was hilarious, as I was wet from the waist down. Lauren was prepared for accidents; she bandaged and iced my ankle and the day continued with a healthy morning tea and more searching for interesting treasures and things for the children.

 In the afternoon we went to the wonderful kindergarten, set in a natural environment and full of opportunities for the children to explore, climb and being challenged. I learnt about their close relationship with the Aboriginal Elders who visit and teach the children.

This was very evident throughout the Centre. Another amazing day with one truly kind and resourceful student.  


Third: Murrayville Early Learning Centre

I was originally flying and then driving to Murrayville, which was now out of the question because of my damaged ankle. A friend from Melbourne drove me (7.5hrs each way) to Murrayville and we left at 1am. It was so worth it. Colleen, our student, who works in a centre in Murrayville (small community) has worked with children for many years and is currently studying her Upgrade to the Diploma.

The children adore her, and Colleen seems to always finds the time to listen and support their needs, regardless how busy the day was. Her imagination, creativity, and ideas to extend learning are just outstanding as I observed and watched through the many pages in her story park app.

I was told, Colleen will often take ideas and run with them and create great learning activities over the weekend. It is a happy, loving, and respectful learning environment for the children and what also stood out to me (as in the other 2 centres) was that the students’ abilities, knowledge from experience and obvious love for being with the children was recognised and highly regarded by their supervisors.

Another great day with an amazing student who adds so much value to staff and children in this very conducive learning environment.

My visit to Victoria to see the students was not my last and it assured me that my passion for keeping and upskilling experienced educators is indeed an important requirement for this industry.   

Inge with our student Colleen in Murrayville.

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