Top 3 Reasons Why Students Stop Studying

Article by Inge Crosson 

It’s a common frustration many Directors face… seeing their staff stagnate and not upgrade their quals.

Over my time as a centre director, I have seen many amazing educators give up on their dream qualification.

Why? After working with Educators right across the country for the last 23 years, here are the Top 3 reasons and what you can do about it:

  • Full time work and study leads to overwhelm

  • Overwhelm leads to a loss of confidence

  • Loss of confidence saps resilience and they then struggle to prioritise family/social life/study 

Unfortunately, it’s the study that drops away. This is when you hear “too busy” or “next year” type excuses.

How can this pattern have a better outcome?

I understand the frustration, sadness, and anxiety when an educator or student decides to quit, knowing how capable they are and what this qualification means to them. I have felt that pressure working full time, raising a family and trying to fit study in.

The simple truth is, all students need outside guidance and support.

The challenge however, based on my extensive observations, is that many students tend to bottle it up because they don’t want to be seen as not coping.

Always know, whether for you or your staff help is available.

Sometimes the hardest part is simply acknowledging that to yourself and then doing something about it.

Watch for the warning signs I just mentioned, be they yours (!!) or staff. And if you see them, encourage them to reach out because a good provider should be there for support and guidance.   

At TrueLearning Australia, we pride ourselves on supporting our students and individualising their learning.

Consistent communication, especially during these tough times is essential to make sure all parties are working together for the best possible outcome.

If you see the warning signs, please feel free to reach out anytime.

Children Studying Alphabet