Celebrating Christmas

Its that time of year. Christmas is a special holiday that is celebrated by many around the world.

How can we be inclusive to all children and families?


This paragraph from ACECQA really stood out:

“When thinking about authentically including religious, cultural and/or community activities, experiences and events within the learning environment, it is important to consider the diversity within the group of children, families and educators at the service, as well as the communities in which the service is located. Another consideration is the learning opportunities such experiences offer for children. For example, planning open-ended activities and experiences has the potential to support children to be involved learners and further develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.” (wehearyou.acecqa.gov)


So, what are some examples of open-ended activities and experiences. I have provided some examples for you:

  • Discussions using open ended questions “How do you celebrate Christmas? What do you and your family do at Christmas time” “What could we do at school to celebrate the holidays”. This can be asked to the children and their families. The discussions can be extended on.

  • If families do not celebrate Christmas how can they be included?  Ask the children and families “What are special celebrations in your culture” “How is it celebrated” You can provide books, pictures and collaborate in discussions on many cultural celebrations.

  • Cooking experiences. This is a great time to do some cooking with the children. Look at the different cultures and broaden children’s connections by exploring different foods.

  • Art and craft experiences. We want to move away from stencils of Santa and support children to define their own meaning of Christmas through creativity.


Some great Christmas process art and craft activities are:

  • Collect different sized sticks outside. The children can use these sticks to make their own Christmas tree.

  • Ornaments- provide children with scissors to cut out their preferred shape (if younger provide with a circle cut out). Have many materials out such as glitter, paint, cellophane, tinsel.

  • Make your own Christmas tree using sponges, finger painting, paint brushes, paper plates, paddlepop sticks. Children can decorate using a range of materials.

  • Use natural materials such as pinecones, pine leaves and branches to create a painting.

  • Use gift bows as stamps with paint.


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