Collaboration is the essence to every relationship

Article by Inge Crosson

Every owner or manager can understand how important it is to collaborate to achieve the same goal and highest outcome for your educators.


Owners, managers and educators are all swamped with so many responsibilities, paperwork, checklists, caring for the children, following routines, the list can go on and on.


Collaboration was the key to running a successful busy long day care centre.


I found these points super helpful to keep the communication open and effective:

  • Making it a priority to take the time weekly, just to check in with each educator.

  • Senior leadership and management are role modelled and support is consistent.

  • Work towards the same goals and best outcomes for the workplace. Further discuss this at meetings.

  • Trusting one another and having each other’s back, no matter what the circumstances are. Honesty and respect go a long way.

  • Discussing things when they arise, do not hold onto them.

  • Making sure each person has the necessary skills and knowledge to do the job role that is required. 


Once this became part of our daily/weekly routine, the flow on effect went from there.

Team Talk