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TrueLearning Australia

TrueLearning Australia is an Approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which delivers Nationally Recognised Qualifications to educators in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector.


Our experience and expertise in the field of Early Childhood Education reach over 22 years and our trainers have more than 12 years of experience as Educators, Educational Leaders, Managers, or Directors.


We pride ourselves in the knowledge of the Early Childhood Education industry and the constantly growing demand for knowledge and training that is required of educators today. 

our mission

TrueLearning Australia is rethinking and reshaping Australia’s Early Childhood Education and Care for the next generation of Early Childhood Educators. Our approach to learning and training are as uniquely different as the uniqueness of our learners. Our team of professional trainers are highly knowledgeable, authentically and genuinely passionate about Early Childhood Education and Care.

TrueLearning Australia’s trainers will journey alongside each learner from the point of enrolment and throughout every stage of their professional learning pathway to achieve mutual desired higher outcomes for Early Childhood Educators and their industry. 

We return to personal connections between student, trainers and centres or workplaces while remaining flexible with online training for students from their own home and in their own time via a convenient online student portal. Tailoring training to the individual student.

At TrueLearning Australia, we want to be known as the ‘hands-on and personal approach’ RTO on the market. We want knowledge to be our strength and will always continue to further improve our skills through professional development.


We want to be available for our students and teach the best practice, helping them to achieve their best outcome by giving our time and support to each student every week of their learning journey.

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our vision

At TrueLearning Australia, we aim to build a strong learning community, driven by support and collaboration.

We know there is a need for a more hands-on approach in training. As part of this process, there will be face to face time each week with our students. This will help the students’ progress through their theoretical and practical tasks and when difficulties should arise.

From our view, students need to be supported by trainers who have worked a long time in the field, who understand the dedication educators give on a daily basis. We acknowledge the importance of training students with the correct skills and how hard it can be for other educators to do so in their busy day.

By working closely together, our students will feel a sense of belonging, leading to confidence and involvement and sharing the passion, as we do, for Early Childhood Education.  

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